Water Department

Chief Water Plant Operator-Kenneth Cymbalisty

Titus Mill Road, Climax | 731.2626

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Backflow Preventer and Water Use Form

7 am -- 3 pm | M -- F
7 am -- 11 am | weekends

The reading of your Water Meter and Water Bill is now on POST CARDS, please watch for them.

Please read your meter & return your card as soon as possible. Water is invoiced quarterly. Meter usage cards are mailed to each customer approximately two weeks prior to billing. It is important to read your meter each quarter so that no accumulation of overages can occur. It is also a great way to monitor your usage and to detect a leaking toilet or pipe should that happen. Meter cards can be dropped off in the Village depository box at the front of the building near the doors at 119 Mansion Street. or in the lock box located at Griffin's Market at 273 Mansion Street. Questions regarding billing should be directed to the Village Clerk's office during regular business hours.

2016 rate charges for village and town are as follows ::


Village of Coxsackie

 Town of Coxsackie

 New Baltimore

January 2016 Bill


 $120.00 + Surcharge*


April 2016 Bill


$141.38 + Surcharge*


July 2016 Bill


$162.76 + Surcharge*


October 2016 Bill
(Final Increase)


$184.13 + Surcharge*


 Over 10,000 gallons: Village-$5.00/1,000 gals.    Town-$7.50/1,000 gals.   
                                              New Baltimore-$7.50/1,000 gals.

*Town Surcharges: Residential-$ 32.00    Commercial-$ 44.00

An administrative fee of $2.50 will be added to all bills.
A 20% penalty will be added to all bills after thirty days.

New Water Installation Charges:

Water tap in permits may be obtained at the Village of Coxsackie Clerk's office during regular business hours. The Village Department of Public Works will do the actual tap in to prevent cross contamination.

*3/4" Line=$ 250.00    *1" Line=$ 350.00    *1 1/4" Line=$ 400.00
* Plus time and material charges.

A $ 50.00 per each additional 1/4" will be charged.

$ 25.00 Charge to turn water on.    $ 25.00 Charge to turn water off.

Effective 1/01/16, any account that has an unpaid water bill that goes to the tax roll will incur a penalty of $100 or 20% of the amount re-levied, whichever is higher.

Penalty for failure to provide meter readings: Effective 1/01/16, any working meter, that is determined to be accessible to read, that has to be estimated, will incur a $25.00 fee for each quarterly occurrence to that account. Failure to provide a yearly meter reading or failure to provide access to meter reader on a mutually agreeable time will result in an additional $50.00 fee to that account.